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From Bare Bones to Fully Loaded

We know there are many Jeep© enthusiasts who are in love with the look of our Fastback Tops but are careful in their purchasing decisions, while there are others who want every upgrade available at the time of purchase.

We have restructured our Fastback tops with options packages.

Now you can have all the features upfront or upgrade your top with the optional components at a later date.

Customize It Options

For custom Jeep© builders and expert do-it-yourselfers who prefer to finish the top to match the paint and detailing on their current projects, Wild Boar offers Unfinished Fastback top kits ready to be sanded, painted and customized to meet your specialty rig needs.


It’s not just a Jeep©, it’s YOUR Jeep©. That’s one of the driving principles that defines how we design products at Wild Boar. As much as some people feel the utilitarian aspect is the be all and end all, there are others who desire style as well as substance. While we do not believe that either viewpoint is right or wrong, wild boar products are not designed with the strict utilitarian as the target audience.

Wild Boar's award-winning Fastback hard top sports an aggressive new look for your JK Unlimited. Our original T-Top model turned heads at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas and earned Wild Boar it's third Chrysler Design of Excellence Award.

Our Chrysler Design of Excellence Award winning Fastback Tops are constructed at nearly double the fiberglass thickness of standard factory tops. You will experience less vibration and flex with our tops.

Our Fastback tops feature an optional hand-fitted vibration & sound-dampening interior lining. This allows for a much quieter driving experience when your top is fully equipped.

Wild Boar Fastback Tops are available with all the features you expect from top of the line factory hard tops including UV-tinted Safety Glass, electrical harness connections, rear window wiper, defroster, and washer fluid connections, gas-lift shocks and all of the standard mounting hardware.

Of course we had to counter all this utility with a bit of style, so we chopped off the back corner and gave it that aggressive Fastback look. Yes it’s true, we compromised a bit of cargo capacity at the upper back corner of the interior cabin space, but if you need to stuff your Jeep© that full on a regular basis, you really should check out our award winning Cargo Rack Systems.


Wild Boar's Fastback hard tops are expertly crafted with a double thick reinforced fiberglass shell, and come standard with an interior sound & vibration dampening liner and an exterior matte-texture smudge resistant finish. Each top is assembled at our factory and fit to a wrangler to ensure you receive a trouble free top. All components and hardware are fitted and preassembled before shipping.

Adjusting your top

Wild Boar Fastback Hard Tops fit your Wrangler just like a factory hard top.  We utilize the existing mounting points on your wrangler. We test every top to ensure that it will fit your Jeep© just like the factory hard top - no drilling, hammering, or sweating required.

Our fastback tops are compatible with all body mounted cargo rack systems. If your existing hard top fits your wrangler with your cargo rack system in place, so will ours.

Fastback Top Flavors

Wild Boar Fastback Hard Tops come in a variety of configurations. You can choose from the base model traditional Solid One-Piece Top (JK & JKL), or our extreme open air T-Top (JKL only), Single Sunroof (JK & JKL) and double Sunroof Tops (JKL only), or our newest Combo Tops (JK & JKL) that feature a Hard Fastback with a Soft Sunrider for the best of both tops.

Some models are pre-order only and will be available in 2009.

Upgrade Options

Wild Boar Fastback Hard Tops have been redesigned to allow more flexibility in pricing. If you are confident in your ability to mod your rig, these upgrade options can be purchased at a later date and self installed.

Optional Paint & Finish to Match Kits

Wild Boar Fastback Hard Tops can be sanded, primed, painted and finished to match your existing JK or JKL Wrangler’s finish.  For best results always use the standard Dupont paints as specified by Chrysler if you are trying to match a factory paint job.  Bear in mind that the older the wrangler, the more likely the vehicle’s paint has faded and oxidized from exposure, so a full vehicle repaint may be neccessary for the desired effect.

While Wild Boar does not paint to match, we do offer unfinished unassembled Fastback Top kits that you can take to your Custom Auto Detailer to ensure that the Paint and Finish match your vehicle exactly.

You should be confident in your ability to mod and assemble custom automotive accessories to consider this option as none of the hardware is pre-assembled.

optional Vanity & Lighting Upgrades

Wild Boar Fastback Hardtops can be further customized with Interior and Exterior Front & Rear Vanity Lighting kits at the factory before application of the Interior liner to fully conceal all wiring.

Fastback Interior Sound & Vibration Dampening Liners are grey (standard color). Custom Colors are available on special orders.

Optional Overhead Mounting Kiosk

Wild Boar’s Overhead Mounting Kiosk is designed for the Wrangler owner who opts for a solid fastback hardtop configuration without sunroofs. The Kiosk gives you the flexibility to mount your GPS and DVD entertainment systems overhead.

The Overhead Mounting Kiosk is only compatible with Fastback Solid Hard Top configurations without any optional sunroofs.

Available Fastback Hard top

Wild Boar Fastback Hard Tops are available in a variety of configurations for the following Wrangler models: